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Your smart domain choice awaits. Search from 500+ TLDs as unique as your business. Find the right domain extension now to describe your online idea, to drive visitors, generate clicks, and rise above the competition!


as low as $22.79
$7.00/1st year

Having fun is a great part of the internet these days. The modern entertainers are streamers, Youtubers, meme makers and online comedians. Great fun isn’t necessarily the same for everyone but that is why the internet is the perfect place for it – diversity. If you are creating entertainment online, you will surely want to be recognized by your audience and here is where the .fun domain name will help you in your endeavors.


as low as $92.39
$18.80/1st year

.host has been created with the hosting industry in mind and can provide suitable domain names to host and internet service providers, datacenters, cloud and virtual solutions for business of any size. If you are a podcast or talk show host you can also take advantage of this domain extension.


as low as $22.79
$11.00/1st year

The demand for “on the spot” news is constantly increasing and for that reason, a new top-level domain (TLD) was required. Thus the .news TLD was born. Ideal forindependent journalists and content creators that are looking to supply their readers with the latest news. It can also be used for special promotions, updates and sales increase.


as low as $29.95
$2.95/1st year

.co is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Colombia but is also used by companies like twitter and google. Develop your business on the Colombian market and write your success story by registering a company domain name with .co.


as low as $24.95
$11.67/1st year

.website is generic top-level domain (gTLD) and a good way to create a domain with the name you wanted. As many of the .com domains have been already taken, don’t miss the opportunity to secure a .website domain and be recognized globally over the internet.


as low as $34.95
$12.80/1st year

Trading is a way of exchanging goods and services even before the invention of currencies and continues to strongly influence the world around us. Remove the limitations of the physical trade by registering a .trade domain namespace and create an e-commerce hub for your products.


as low as $23.39
$7.99/1st year

Even if we consider the past and future to be important for us, the reality is we are always living in the present. To reinforce your presence in the “now” select your domain name with .today. Provide your users with the most up-to date news from around the world with just a few easy clicks.


as low as $29.95
$7.95/1st year

.guru can be used by experts in all fields: spiritual gurus, relationship gurus, management gurus, health gurus and so on. .Guru will help you create a website for your specific area of work and promote your service more efficiently.


as low as $37.19
$9.90/1st year

With more than 3.5 billion people online, the internet has changed the way we look at the world and live our lives. Get your business on the web today by using a .online domain name and use the tools the global network provides to increase your sales and capabilities.


as low as $28.79
$7.69/1st year

With the increase of online shopping and the market share of digital sales constantly on the up rise, it is a good time to think about a .sale domain name. Not only will your website be instantly recognized, but it will also make it more appealing in contrast with regular .com e-commerce ventures.


as low as $33.95
$12.12/1st year

To create a personal and unique online identity, you can use the .me top-level domain (TLD). Very useful for increasing the hits on websites that can be cleverly combined with the TLD (, or just for personal use with the name of the owner ( The .me domain extension can be craftily used to create memorable domain name for your website.


as low as $22.00
$8.00/1st year

Do you wish to have a special part of the internet just for you and your hobby. Share your passion with others by using the .space top-level domain. This is a perfect choice for you if you are a blogger, designer or a creative writer. Naturally, the .space domain extension can also be used by representatives of the aerospace industry and rocket enthusiast as well as merchants specialized in the field of space exploration.


as low as $47.99
$15.00/1st year

The perfect domain extension for any tech junkie and tech related hobby. You can use this for your technical support website or a tech blog from which news regarding new technologies are being posted, as well as for a forum for tech discussions and a website for innovative hardware reviews.


as low as $53.89/year

Smart is the new Sexy and with all of the smart technologies that daily innovate our lifestyle, sexy has become a synonym of edgy and attractive. Any product can be sexy, from a well designed beer bottle, to a slick looking interior of a car. It is up to you to create sexy products and acquire a .sexy domain name.


as low as $57.00/year

The .poker is the royal flush of top-level domains (TLDs) for every fan of poker. Creating websites for poker events, tournamentsor a personal page for a poker player can really change when you use this domain extension. The .poker is a sign of reliable and well maintained poker related website.


as low as $35.99/year

With online shopping on the rise, more and more businesses want to be easily destinguishable in that field. To help your shop attract more clients and income, you can use the .shop domain extension. Make your business recognisable and more profitable with this new TLD.


as low as $11.99/year

The capital of Japan, the city with the highest GDP and status of alpha+ world city now offers a top-level domain (TLD) for its citizens and businesses. You can now show your connection with the Important for the global economy city, by using the .tokyo TLD and skyrocket your website and brand’s recognition in the area that more than 13 million people call home.


as low as $9.99/year

.UK is the official domain of the United Kingdom and is suitable for all businesses operating from within the United Kingdom. Nothing says “United Kingdom” like a relevant .uk domain name establishing your digital presence.


as low as $29.99/year

Yoga combines physical, mental and spiritual into one discipline, and is popular in Hinduism and Buddhism. .yoga is a great solution for yoga teachers, students and instructors who wish to support the development of yoga or run a successful business.


as low as $95.99/year

The .doctor top level domain is created with multi-industry purpose in its core. While it is true that M.Ds, dentists and pharmacists can use it to represent themselves, PhD degree owners are also doctors, thus making the .doctor TLD much more usable. Show the world your expertise in the desired field like never before.

as low as $109.19/year

Although originally associated with the Seychelles this domain extension has increased its popularity for websites in Scotland and South Carolina. Register if you want to expand the market share for your venture.


as low as $35.99/year

The menu is one of the most important part of a restaurant. From one look it can either make or break the impression a client had for your restaurant and can ultimately end your business if it is badly structured. Create a memorable digital menu representing your cuisine by registering a .menu domain name. Allow the fans of your food to order for home or the office by using the new menu and increase your overall profits.


as low as $29.95/year

.media is a top-level domain (TLD) that covers different media fields like news, music or filmatography. It was designed for the needs of the industry and can be used by any artist, designer, media specialist or organization that wants to popularize its brand in the field.

as low as $29.95/year

Give your online business a head start in the European Union with this region specific domain extension. will increase your website traffic and inspire confidence in your European clients.


as low as $7.95/year

The .de is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Federal Republic of Germany. This is the current most popular ccTLD in the world with over 16 millions on registered domains. Once you have registered a .de domain, you will have a wide market with over 82 million consumers at your disposal. With this kind of range, your products and brand are surely to prosper.


as low as $11.95/year

As an alternative to .com and also part of the initial 7 domains being introduced to the world .net has build a solid reputation and is ranked amongst the most used top-level domains. You can use .net for your business, organization or private website especially if the .com variant is already taken.


as low as $9.45/year

Spread awareness about your cause using a .org top-level domain. The perfect TLD for non-profit organizations like charity fundraisers or humanitarian related establishments.


as low as $16.49/year

Get to business with the .biz domain extension. Attract more clients, investors and funds and show them you mean business with this top-level domain (TLD). Businesses all around the world working in different segments of the market can now benefit from this TLD.


as low as $29.95/year

From VIP and night clubs to golf clubs, fan clubs, sport and online clubs. Clubs are like family, and you will want the best possible online solution for your family. Register a .club domain today and tighten the relationship between your club and its members.


as low as $17.99/year

.info is the first unrestricted top-level domain and is associated with the collection, containment and delivery of information. By incorporating the .info domain extension you will be able to push information and announcements regarding your business and new products easier than ever. You are also able to share schedules or plans for future events with your friends or fans and increase awareness for causes and news you are interested in.


as low as $24.95/year

By using the .mobi top level domain (TLD), you can be sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices and that you are providing the best possible user experience for the customers that have decided to check out your content via their smart phones or tablets. The mobi community has been actively creating tools that will help you create a fast copy of your website on the .mobi platform.


as low as $19.95/year

With the help of the .asia domain extension, you will be able to more easily reach the 1 billion internet users located in the Asian region.  It will give you and your business access to the fastest growing and largest markets in the world like the ones of China, India and UAE but also the more technology driven Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.


as low as $33.95/year

If you are looking for a more engaging online experience in video streaming, you should try the .tv top level domain. Sharing video content while being accompanied by the .tv extension will make you and your business look more professional and give more credibility to your content.


as low as $17.99/year

Board games, video games, outdoor games or gamble related games – it doesn’t matter in which team you are as long as you are wining. .Games presents gaming studios, game creators and event organizers with a simple and recognizable domain name.


as low as $8.95/year

Lay a strong foundation for your business in the Netherlands by registering a .nl domain name. The lower countries are a very attractive place for opening a law related business as there are situated five international courts which represent the majority of global judicial power in the world. Of course flower and art related businesses are also very prominent considering the country’s history and agriculture, but any business can be successful as long as you target the right group of people and have a recognizable brand.


as low as $24.95/year

The .pro domain extension was specifically created for professionals in the areas of law, accounting, physic and engineering. However, starting November 16th 2015 the restriction has been removed and the .pro TLD is now available for all areas of business. By choosing it for your business, you are making an investment and showing your future clients how professional and trustworthy you are.


as low as $13.95/year

Representing the 144 million population of the Russian Federation, the .ru country code top-level domain (ccTLD) has more than 5 million registered domains. Protect your brand on the Russian market and increase your profits by registering a .ru domain now.


as low as $64.95/year

.bio is a versatile top-level domain (TLD) that can be used for different types of businesses and research topics.  As a synonym for clean and natural “bio” can also be used for describing food and other consumable products. Whether it is related to biology, biofuels, biofoods or even biography, .bio is a trusted domain extension that.


as low as $22.79/year

Most new coming entrepreneurs store part or all of their business data in the “cloud” and there are a lot of reasons why this is a trending. The Cloud is an ever-growing environment suitable for big data, virtual reality simulations and easy access to work projects. If you offer Cloud computing, storage or other cloud based services, supply companies with hardware or software for cloud related business, this is the domain for you.


as low as $9.95/year

Derived from the word “commercial”, .com represents the largest TLD pool and is one of the 7 initial top-level domains released for use on January 1985. With time on its side and the simplicity of its typing, .com has turned into the most used domain extension with over 280 million domains registered across 1000+ registrars.


as low as $29.95/year

There is a corporate event in a casual environment coming up? Or you just want to gather your friends and throw a part? .events is the perfect answer for those questions and easy way to plan and execute a promotion event for a clients and businesses.


as low as $45.95/year

Financial analysts, Investors, private loan providers and financial consultants can take advantage of .financial. Everyone specialized in the financial area are free to use this domain to promote their service and attract clients.

Commonly Asked Questions

A domain name is basically your address name on the web, or alternatively said the URL that people type in the browser to access your website. An example would be the domain name for our site is Having a custom domain name gives your site the desired professional look, while also improving your brand identity, and helping visitors find you on the Internet.

Even if you do not have a website, it is not a bad idea to register your branded domain name when you are certain about it, before someone else beats you to the punch.

Domain names and websites are closely related but require separate services. A domain is used by Internet users to access your website. Our domain name, for example, is Web hosting, on the other hand, is what is needed to make your website appear online. Behind every domain, there is a web hosting service address where the files that compose your website are being stored.

Of course! When registering a domain name, you are considered as the official domain name owner. At any time you can decide whether to switch registrar that suits your requirements better. There are many people that initially register their domain names with one web host and end up switching to another.

We offer a simple and straightforward transferring process, which ensures that your domain is transferred as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Besides the free perks that come with each domain registered with us, there are even more incentives to transfer your existing domain to todayhosting:

  • The transfer process of your domain name with todayhosting is entirely free of charge;
  • You can have everything centralized and manage your entire experience from the one place - both your domain and hosting services;
  • We will renew it for you for one year free of charge.

However, your registered domain name has to meet some requirements. Follow our Domain Transfer step-by-step tutorial if you want to move over your domain. It’s easy to get started and we provide all of the information you’ll need to walk you through the process.

For the period which it is registered, you own the domain, and you are responsible for its renewals. However, you can only renew the domain name via its Registrar. When you use a Registrar to register your domain name, it becomes your domain’s home. The Registrar is also the place from where you can manage your domain, including renewal payments, DNS Zone edits, etc. Once you transfer the domain name over to todayhosting, you would be able to renew it here for one year free of charge.
Once you have decided upon your desired domain name, we'll ask for certain information throughout your registration process. The contact information is required from us by the domain name Registrar and it includes your names, needed email address for the confirmation of the registration process, physical address, and contact phone number. Prior to submitting the order for the domain name, it’s never a bad idea to check if the web name you have selected, isn't registered as a business name or company.

Anyone that registers a domain name is required by the domain name regulator ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to create a public record of domain ownership and the personal contact information of the Registrant in the Whois Search Directory. The WHOIS listing is a database of all registered domains. It’s searchable and available to everyone on the Internet. Without domain privacy (also referred to as WHOIS privacy protection), your entire contact information (address, phone number, name, etc.) is publicly available. Additionally, your domain name expirations, renewal and other essential data used for legal purposes will be shown. This means that hackers, telemarketers, and spammers will be able to access the addresses and phone numbers of any domain registrant.

Domain ID protection (aka Whois privacy) puts your personal data with that of your official domain registry under a cloak of invisibility and hides it from the Whois database, which is globally accessible, masking it with generic data.

This service masks some of your personal details through the use of automated access points. The GDPR Whois protection is what limits a potential spammer if they want to access your first or last name, email information, and phone number by using automated measures (a.k.a. Port 43 Access).

For an existing domain name, if any one of the Registrant, Admin, Tech and Billing contacts are confirmed as being from the EU, we would mask the WHOIS output. The masking is done using placeholder details in substitution of users' personal info.

Customers from all European Economic Area (EEA) countries get to choose whether to enable or disable their GDPR Protection. The GDPR Protection is what masks a customer’s WHOIS information to comply with the GDPR requirements, from their Client Area. Nevertheless, GDPR Protection will be enabled by default for all EEA customers.

Keep note that some TLD registries often display customer WHOIS details. It's also important to know that the GDPR Protection will not be available for some new and existing TLD registrations. As of May 17, 2017, these TLDs are : .AU, .BR, .CA, .CN (2nd and 3rd level), .DE (2nd and 3rd level), .EC (2nd and 3rd level), .EU, .RU (2nd and 3rd level), .UK (2nd and 3rd level), .US, .ECO, .JOBS, .NGO/.ONG, .NYC and .TEL.

The personal data of all EEA (European Economic Area) customers is hidden under GDPR Protection by default. However, the Domain privacy (ID Protect) remains as an optional purchase for all EEA registrants. Keep note that the GDPR Protection will only mask EEA registrants' data. It won't replace any emails to the registrant.

The ID Protect continues to be beneficial for all customers that are interested in having emails forwarded to them (e.g., for those interested in sales opportunities domains, transfer requests, in addition to fielding other communications) without the public display of their personal data.